Monday, April 19, 2010


I just LOVE my job - I have just started work and I am still in my PJ's. Makayla is having a HUGE sleep in. Sorry to rub it in but I really do love my job.

Stay tuned, I will update my blog with photos towards the end of the week. I had a great weekend scrapping with my friends.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I truly have some AMAZING friends. All of which are extremely special to me in some way. I am also very thankful to have God in my life and the direction that he is leading me in. He does in deed have a plan for us and there are times we just don't see where He is taking us.

I was only talking to someone today about where I have come from. It is amazing that I have ended up where I am and not in some ditch, overdosed on drugs. My past was rather colourful and very dark when I was a young teenager. At home I appeared to be normal but once I left the house I was a completely different person. I know that God came looking for me as I do not believe I would be here had he not.

In all this I made the decision recently to be baptised and give my all to God. Again I was blessed to have my Uncle Leigh (Cameron's Uncle actually) perform the baptism in our pool. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect evening. Thanks to all those that came and for all those that called and sent their wishes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

I have to say I had the best Valentine's Day yesterday. I started it off with Scrapbooking at the local Scrap Club and then had to leave a little early as Cameron and I were going on a Date to see Avatar. But it was sold out so we collected the children and then took them back to our friends that afternoon as we were able to see the evening session. It was great to just have that time together.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.

Now for some really, really, really exciting news. Well I have cried a bit (with joy) and been through the gee I can't wait stage and now I can tell you all that within the next 2 years my parents will be moving to Bundaberg. Yeah I know how exciting is that. They have purchased a home here in Bundaberg so they will only be about 10 minutes away.

Funny thing though, when I told Kirsty I explained to her that they couldn't move just yet as they had to sell their homes in Brisbane and do a few other things. She told me she wasn't happy with this because it was going to take 2 years. She has told both of them she wants them here now. Kirsty especially is very excited to have her Grand Parents live within minutes from her. She then asked "Mummy will we be over there every day" I said maybe to start with to help them. Can I say one very, very, very excited little girl. Oh and one very, very, very excited big girl..... LOL

It will probably take them 2 years to pack up and sort out their house. I am amazed at each day what mum and dad tell me they are finding in the house that they have stored from our childhood.

I do believe that there will be a flood (from my tears) in Bundaberg the day they actually move here - as it will be reality that I will have them close. As they approach their retirement I really wanted to be near them so that I will be there for them if they ever needed me. I truly can't believe they are going to be only 10 minutes from me. Come on 2 years, I don't think Kirsty, Makayla and I can wait that long. LOL

Stay tuned as I have something special to tell you all soon but just waiting on photos. Oh I know what you are all thinking and NO I am not pregnant. No more babies coming out of this incubate.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February already

Well so much has happened in the last week. Kirsty returned to school last week. Was a sad day for me as I really enjoyed having the girls at home this holiday and as always it went all too quickly. We had a great relaxing holiday. Makayla didn't end up starting Kindy last week as the Kindy she is going to is not quite finished. Sort of good for me as I get to have her home just a little bit longer. Not sure if I am ready to send her off to school just yet. Though she is very excited about starting, so come beginning of March she will either be over the wait or over excited. Time will only tell.
I have started a few projects already and at times not sure which one I should do. I have started making Kirsty leg warmers for winter. I am starting now as it will probably take me till winter to knit them up. I just hope she likes them when they are done. Shall keep you all posted on my progress. I am also still working on my curtains for my kitchen and dining rooms. We didn't get to renovate these rooms over Christmas so my plan is to have them totally completed by Christmas this year as hopefully we will be painting the kitchen, dining, lounge and my scrapbook rooms, all in one go. The girls rooms look so good that I can't wait until we get the rest of the house done.
Makayla celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday. Where have the years gone I ask. We took her and some friends to Krazy Maze for her party. I have no idea why I have not done this before. I just had to organise a cake they did the rest - even lolly bags. All the children had a fantastic time and what made her birthday even more special was that her Grandma and Grandad came up from Brisbane to share it with her. She is a very lucky girl to have such great Grand-parents in Brisbane and Bundaberg. Makayla got some really great presents this year - she is really spoilt. I was up till 11.30pm on the night before her birthday making her a bean bag. I made one for Kirsty over the holidays and she just loved it and asked for one for her birthday. How could I resist...... She got Barbie's, craft items, numbers chart and books, a Lisa doll that says around 20 different things (which she just LOVES), large Dora Doll (another great hit), a bike from her Aunty Maree and Uncle David (her eyes just lit up when she saw this present) and so much more.
Well best go and do some serious playing with Makayla. She is right into the role playing and Baby play at the moment. They are only little for so long and they only want Mum's to play with them for such a short time.

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY RACHEL. Hope you have a special day. xxxxx

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years


Happy New Year to all my friends and family. I have to admit I have had a very full and exciting year. I am extremely lucky to have such great friends and family in my life and this year holds even bigger and better things to come.

My parents arrived on Boxing Day and stayed for a few days. Dad helped us start painting the girls rooms. We have been wanting to start painting our house for a few years but just haven't found the time. Well I appreciate those who paint now. 2 rooms are just taking forever to do and I want them done right. I am hoping by Tuesday they will be in their rooms - could be Wednesday now. Kirsty got right into the painting and Grandad was ever so happy to show her. Just bought back memories when I was a child and I would help Dad paint.

The girls have gone for numerous swims in the pool especially when it started to pour with rain. They thought it was just great. Makayla asked me yesterday if I could make it rain when she got in the pool. Cute and adorable.

I was busy before Christmas making presents and I did finally finish the presents for my Mum and Lyn. I made a Sally Giblin design cushion for both parents in different colours. I was happy in the end with them though I didn't think I was getting them finished as I was still sewing them up at midnight Christmas Morning.

Cameron also celebrated a birthday just before Christmas. We all went to Sizzler with a few friends to celebrate his birthday. Was that 21 again Cameron....... But seriously people, what a catch - and he is all mine (I am one very lucky girl) ........ Love you Cameron

Now you would probably be wondering what Kirsty is doing with the mask on her face. I had to take a photo as I just laughed. She was told to clean out Noomy's litter tray and when I walked down the hall way I saw her with the mask on. I really don't know how much of the smell was blocked by the mask but clever she is.

Well I have been thinking about my new years resolutions and I have a list as I imagine you all do. Though I think if I put them in writing I might be disappointed if I don't accomplish them but if I do put them down I'm sure I will be excited to actually see what I have accomplished this year. So in saying this I think I will put my list up and see what happens this year.
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Christmas Day 2009


We had yet another great Christmas. I was woken at around 6am (not by the children) but by it pouring rain. I got out of bed and woke up the girls and Cameron so we could all open our presents. The tree was loaded with presents and I did say this year I wouldn't get too much for the girls but in tradition I just couldn't help myself and pretty much what you see under the tree mostly is for the girls.

Makayla was trying to show Grandma Lyn how to use the DS as she got the Dora game from Santa this year. And Noomy - our new kitten was very much inspecting all the wrapping. Unfortunately I have to wait another 12 months for the excitement of Christmas and Sanat.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cards 2009


Well I have finally finished my Christmas Cards for 2009. I only have to print out the inserts which are nearly completed. I have done up 125 cards this year and I am thinking that I may need to do a couple more but hopefully that will be it. The list just keeps on growing each year. I am really happy with my cards this year. Keep an eye out for the mail - there could be one coming your way.
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